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Roni 17 Nisan 2016

Of course Kiralık aşk
It made us addicted to it + to its actors
I spent most of my day reading about its news+ seeing its photos+ talk to other fans about it
I am literally obsessed with it.
Every week we die from excitement ?
We love you

NIHKEM 17 Nisan 2016

Defom are first in all the votes I really like them they r cute
But here we talk about the best series and it’s definitely Kara Sevda with no doubt it’s just breathtaking so please be loyal people there are KS actors who also deserve , the thing starts to get silly how much u spend ur time voting to KA everywhere it’s pathetic to judge KS without watching, personally I watch both and I like Defom , but when it comes to best series, best scenario for this year it’s just Kara sevda, I’m not trying to convince nobody, but u can’t know how I feel until u watch this series.

COL 23 Nisan 2016

Vote for the series you like why you care about our opinions?
People differ, for me KS is silly, it is time waste, unlike KA which is unbelievable
So don’t try to market your sereis and make sure that all sereis have fans who think its the best
The best of the best will win.

maviş boncuk 28 Nisan 2016

güneşin kızları neden yok

burak 30 Temmuz 2016

ask laftan anlamaz

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