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Tv'de Bu Hafta 02 Ağustos 2010

LOST.TV – CORY’S LEFT. Cory Lopez on his first wave during a historical session at “the new Cape St. Francis”. Cory went to this spot a month earlier but had to bail before he scored it on a good swell but he vowed to return. This is the first wave of that return session and the first time this wave has been recorded on video. Lots of seals, lots of rubber and lots of things that eat seals. Cory’s riding a quad “Monk Fish” Biolos shaped specifically for this wave. Look for the rest of Cory’s epic session – along with Ian Walsh and Alek Parker – in our upcoming movie 5’5″ x 19 1/4″ Redux. We’re saving the rest of the waves for the movie. This wave wouldn’t have even made the final cut if it wasn’t for the novelty of being his first wave. Video by Jason Hatch. Music by Part One Tribe.


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