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How to Burn iTunes Videos/Movies/TV Shows to DVD on Mac(Snow Leopard)?

Tv'de Bu Hafta 15 Temmuz 2010

I got the movie Iron Man from itunes and i want to burn it to a dvd, but first i have to change the format so it will play on the Dvd, but the orginal format is a PROTECTED MPEG-4, and since it is protected i can not change the format….HELP ME PLEASE, WHAT do i do???

Are you still helpless with the DRM protected iTunes videos(.m4v, .mp4, .m4p),movies,or TV shows even though you have purchaesed them? Here is a solution to edit and burn iTunes videos/movies/TV shows to DVD playable on home DVD player and enjoy on the widescreen TV.What you need to do are just two steps:


First, Remove DRM protection from purchased iTunes video/movie/TV show to unprotected video.
Here is a guide on how to remove the iTunes DRM protect if you just wonder how to get it done. 


Second, Burn the without DRM protection M4V video to DVD.
Follow the next tips, you will find it is esay to burn iTunes videos, movies, or TV shows with the help of Video to DVD Creator for Mac.


Step 1, Download and run Video to DVD for Mac.
Step 2, Load the iTunes files onto the program.

Step 3, Burn iTunes videos/movies to DVD on Mac.


Choose a proper DVD disc(D5 or D9) according the size of your iTunes videos or movies and insert it to your Mac,only need to click the “Burn” button to burn all the iTunes files you have loaded to the DVD disc.


Note: With this DVD Creator, you can also edit your iTunes files like cropping, trimming,or changing the effect as you prefered.Also you can create a special and personalized DVD mune for your DVD with your favorite background pictures or music.




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